6. welp the pups each got a clean bill of health today at the vet ~ rosie weighs 16lbs 8oz (thank god because she was like 17, 5 last time we went) and charlie weights 15lbs 4oz so yay for not having fat dogs. the vet wants rosie to lose another pound though so we’ll see. she isn’t too worried because they are the picture of perfect health.

    so i rarely do updates and i contemplated deleting this blog but merp i didn’t ha. so things are okay with me i guess. losing weight & feeling great lololol-_- i’ve been walking a lot (~6ish miles a day give or take), eat some, merp derp. already planning out what i’m going to do next year for a job or go back to school, getting my license & a car. i have two blankets to make for a client so there’s a little extra $$$$ for me. i’ve been saving up a bunch of money though so that’s good.

    i’m kind of annoyed with my dr though. i was supposed to have an echocardiogram scheduled for a few months ago when i saw her back in june but the place never called me to make an appointment like they’re supposed to so i don’t know if she actually put the order in or what. i see her again in october for a physical so i’ll ask and be like uh do you want me to get one done or nah? i mean with my heart issues/history it should be done but whatever i’m still alive so it’s all good i guess. i’ve been having a hard time sleeping though and ugh.

    i’m challenging my fears more ~ leaving the house more than usual (i used to only go out if i absolutely had to), wearing REAL clothes - like jeans/jean shorts, dresses and not just running shorts and stuff. i feel so much more comfortable in my skin now that i’ve lost a bit of weight (want to lose more ugh stupid eating disorder brain).

    i’ve gotten more tattoos (yay) as i’m trying to cover up my old scars and stuff.

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    I̦̜̘͎͙͚̕t̠̬’̳̭̲s̜̟̻̩̕ ̴c̷͈̮̟̳o̖̲͔m̤i̵͍͙̰͎͈ͅn̝̯̲̱̤͙̩g̡̳̱̫̪.͈

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  8. Pretty much the only way i’ve been wearing my hair this summer #myface

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    Autumn, I need you…

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