1. the fact that i can squeeze my fat ass into 4 different sized jeans from the SAME store is really fucking annoying.


  2. went to trader joe’s today and bought so much good shit i’m so excited ugh. i got the yogurt stars and oh my god best ever. i also got:

    - cookie butter ice cream (!!!)
    - potato veggie stix
    - more cookie butter bc yum
    - pumpkin & fig bars
    - peanut butter bars
    - think thin salted caramel bars
    - brie & asparagus pasta
    - spinach & four cheese farfalle
    - pumpkin bagels
    - some chicken & mashed potato thanggg (my mom’s).
    - choco covered raisins
    - mandarin chicken (my mom’s).
    - pecan rolls (my mom’s).
    - honey wheat pretzel sticks.

    dude trader joe’s is god. i’m gonna have half of the spinach & four cheese farfelle for dinner & then maybe a little of the cookie butter ice cream:):):)

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  5. my favorite time of day is bed time because at least i’m not itching to move every.single.minute.

  6. Charles is so handsome #puppies

  7. 🌸 #mycreations


  8. unlimited-myfutureisunlimited said: <3

    I cant see if you typed anything. Ah okay hearts dont show up on mobile haha. Love youuu:):)


  9. Elevated bilirubin and red blood cells in my pee ~ no idea what it even means ha. Round two of blood work on friday-_-